Re-post: "5 ways to forgo the benefits of yoga poses"

Must read article on common alignment mistakes in Yoga Asana! Sometimes when we try to hard to go 'deeper' in the pose we forgo proper alignment and put undue pressure on joints and ligaments that can lead to injury overtime.

"Release valve is an unfavorable pattern of movement that your body adopts to avoid working certain areas. It also means that you will miss out on all the benefits of the pose and reinforce existing movement patterns, even if they are not serving you. Release valves can show up for a number of reasons:

  • Stiffness and limited range of motion that prevents you from doing the full form of the pose
  • Excessive mobility that causes you to “collapse” into the posture
  • Lack of clarity about what the pose is supposed to accomplish
  • Improper training (stemming from the teacher’s misunderstanding or neglect)

Today we will discuss some of the most common release valves and what we can do to correct them."