Practice What You Preach

A notorious fault of those in the health services profession is the contradiction of passing out fantastic advice that the teller does not necessarily fully abide by. However honest and genuine the guidance, articulating it as a profession is one gift, yet abiding by it, knowing and having the strength to do it on your own will, is a whole other story. In a love to help others lead a happy healthy life, do we compromise our own authenticity by making claims of health and wellness that are not personally met? More often than not those passing out such fantastic advice struggle on their own to practice what they preach- I openly admit to falling under such circumstances, short of the beliefs and values that I openly share with students and fellow yogis.

I preach yoga. I practice yoga. Yet there are subtle concepts that I find myself reiterating and enforcing in class, as well as in personal settings, that I know myself to falter with.

The first process is awareness… which goes for everything I believe. Thus today’s blog I advise myself and others to put their own air mask on before putting it on the passenger next to them.