Corporate Wellness Programs

Our management at Baker Ranch Yoga also owns Forest Wellness, a wellness consulting company for local Lake Forest and Orange County businesses. Are you looking to transform your organization from a dull, ho-hum environment where motivation is lacking into a thriving and exciting powerhouse? We can work with your company's leadership to foster a healthy and fit culture for your organization and watch your business productivity and energy soar! 

We have a number of packages to accommodate every budget. If you are looking for a simple one-time health promotion program, we can facilitate a "Biggest Loser" challenge, complete with a nutrition seminar and Bodpod body composition testing at no cost to the employer (participant-funded).  If you are looking to incorporate physical activity and increase morale and teamwork, consider scheduling a team training program, which builds strong bonds and helps break down office "cliques."  We offer fitness programs both on-site and at our facility.  

Your company may subsidize all, part, or none of the cost for program administration, but we do ask that companies arrange for prizes for the competitions.   If you are looking to build a comprehensive corporate wellness program, we can design a package to suit your needs and budget.  We know company budgets are right.  However, recent research shows that every dollar spent on health and wellness returns $2.70, and wellness programs also promote employee retention.

Wondering where your wellness program will take place?  We can host it at our 14,000 square foot multi-room fitness facility or bring the gym to your offices.  Programs may include: 

  • Fitness instruction
  • Proper lifting technique instruction
  • Nutrition Seminars
  • Yoga 
  • CrossFit
  • Wellness Seminars (stress reduction, communication, etc.)
  • Confidential blood tests/screening

All of our instructors have the highest level of certification and experience, and our wellness instruction is conducted by knowledgeable and experienced wellness professionals with doctorate degrees. Ready to get started?  Contact Sandra Jones, M.Ed.; PhD candidate at (925) 207-1804 or

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