Reviews on Google:

 "I was a yoga skeptic. A long-time runner, I had never done any physical exercise in a group, but as my knees and lower back made clear it was time for a change, I went to my first yoga practice. Three + years on, and I am completely hooked, and I thank Casey and Katelyn for making it all happen. I have long since lost track of how many classes I’ve taken with both. These two women bring to their instruction deep knowledge of yoga, the body, the mind, and the spirit. They bring commitment, energy, enthusiasm, support, compassion, and yes, humor and playfulness to the studio. They never push, and they always encourage. Whether you’re just beginning or you’re on your millionth downward dog, you’ll be glad you wandered into their studio." Bob Moeller, Irvine, CA

"Living in Los Angeles and Orange County, I have had the special opportunity to take classes from many gifted and talented yoga practitioners. Without a doubt, the classes I most consistently enjoy are those taught by either of these two. Both are able to bring something new and different to each class experience, emphasize proper technique and body alignment, and create an invigorating atmosphere in the studio. I leave class feeling energized both mentally and physically- love these guys!"  Chris L., Tustin, CA

"I love the teachers here! My favorites are Katelyn, Casey, and Louise. They are all very knowledgeable, not just about the poses and the physical body, but they also stay very true to the history and philosophy behind yoga. They all teach a nice paced flow class. Katelyn has a very calming energy, Casey will make sure you take the time to get into poses correctly, and Louise will make you SWEAT. It's a great place to practice!" Alison M., Irvine, CA

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